Fyrirlestur í tilefni alþjóðadags iðjuþjálfunar þann 28.október 

Simon Elvnäs ræðir um leadership behavior


Í tilefni afmælisárs Iðjuþjálfafélagsins og alþjóðadagsins mun Simon Elvnäs iðjuþjálfi og doktorsnemi frá Svíþjóð halda fyrir okkur fyrirlestur um "Leadership Behavior" 

Fyrirlesturinn verður föstudaginn 28.október frá 14:30-16.00. Staðsetning: BHM Borgartún 6.

Fyrirlesturinn er einungis opinn félagsmönnum Iðjuþjálfafélagsins. 

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Nánar um Simon:

Simon was challanged by the fact that among the flood of management literature, there is almost no reaserch that build on real data on leadership behavior. So, he used 63 cameras to film more than 300 leaders from 17 industried and catagorized hundreds of thousands of leadership behaviors

On the general level, the research shows that you may suspect: Leaders in general do most of what is least wanted by employees, and least of what is most wanted. Even more interesting is what happens on the individual level when a leader gets to see, catagorize and understand his or her own behaviors. 
*How can a leader become aware of his or her own behaviors and see potential for improvement?
*Wich leadership behaviors create direct positive effects?
*How can we work with behaviors and real data as tools to develope the performance, motivation and innovation of both leaders and employees?

PhD Candidate at KTH in Applied Behavior Analysis toward Supervisors and Organizations.
MSc Ergonomics and Industrial Management, BSc Occupational Therapy